Entry to the Women’s Artistic squad is by invitation and trial only.  

Mini Development - train once per week (2 hours)
Start Squad - train 2-4 times per week (up to 9 hours)
Junior - train 2 times per week (up to 6 hours)
Senior - train 2 times per week (up to 6 hours) Development - train 4 times per week (13 hours)
Advanced - train 4 times per week (13 hours)
Elite - train 5-6 times per week (up to 25 hours)


Holiday Training Schedules

The Herts half term runs from 18-22 February 2019.

The Squad Holiday Training Schedule for February 2019 can be downloaded below. This is the latest version as at 21 January 2019

Please check back for schedule updates, in case we have to make any last minute changes.



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