WAG OOA Regional FInals Levels 6 - 2

The Regional Finals for the OOA levels 6-2 took place at Pipers Vale on 21 and 28 October 2018.

Level 6

Izzy competed in the Age 8 category at Level 6 and came away with a Bronze medal for her beautiful Vault

Level 5

Teah also came away with a Bronze medal on Vault in the age 10/11 category at Level 5. Well done also to Midge for competing as well as she could on two pieces despite feeling unwell and sadly withdrawing from the rest of the competition

Level 4

In the Age 10/11 age group Emma placed 8th and Caitlin placed 13th overall

Level 3

In the Age 10/11 age group Olivia placed 7th and Millie placed 9th overall

Level 2

At Age 12/13 Isla put in a great performance all round placing 4th overall 🤸‍♀️in a very tough age category

At Age 14 + Heather placing 1st overall and became Regional Champion with 2nd on Vault, 1st on Beam, 2nd on floor. Caitlin was 2nd Overall, 1st on Bars and 2nd on Beam and Naomi was 5th Overall, 3rd on Bars and 3rd on Floor

Well done to the girls and their coaches Tina, Sam and Carly for a fantastic competition!