Spring Term Recreational Class Award Scheme Assessments

Spring Term 2018 - Recreational Awards / Badge Schemes

This term our Novice / Novice+  gymnasts will be assessed on the British Gymnastics Core Proficiency or Advanced Awards.  Testing will start from 5th February 2018 and will hopefully be finished by the end of February, so that any children who miss a session will still be able to complete their next level.   The certificates and badges will be presented at the end of term.

More information on the Proficiency Awards can be found on the notice board opposite the Gymnastics Desk where gymnasts enter the hall for classes.

Please be aware that If you are with another Gymnastics Club that has tested on the BG Core Proficiency or Advanced Awards, please let us know what awards your child has achieved so that we can ensure that we test them on the appropriate level.  

If you fail to inform us of other awards passed, we will not be able to retest or issue new certificates without charging for another award.  Please note we do not need to be made aware of  the rosettes/certificates issued by Swan Gymnastics as they are different to the BG Proficiency Awards.)

Moving forward, we are currently reviewing our other Awards Scheme from UK Gymnastics.  We will not be assessing gymnasts on this scheme until the review is complete which will most likely be in the Autumn Term 2018.   Our aim is to provide a new and improved scheme that is progressive, achievable and rewarding for all of our gymnasts.   The system will be rebranded to make it clear to our members which awards they have achieved and what is required to pass the level.

We look forward to sharing more news later in 2018.