Pipers Vale Challenge & Cup 2017

The Pipers Vale Challenge and Cup took place from Saturday 13 - Sunday 14 May  2017

On the first day of competition, Jools placed 20th out of 73 boys on Pbars with some very clean routines on rings and vault.   Fin completed 5 very strong routines and finished 23rd overall out of a big field of 75.

The second day started off the day with the u9s.

Matt had a great competition and scored a massive 72.00 placing him 7th AA. With a 4th place on pommel and a 5th place on vault!

Riley was very consistent on all 6 apparatus and scored above 70 placing him 13th in a very strong group of gymnasts.

Christian performed a solid 6 apparatus and achieved a good all around score of 63.95 placing him 49th out of 81 boys.

Ethan also had a good 6 pieces and scored 63.85 placing 51st. Ethan had the 4th highest vault score out of 81 gymnasts with only 0.05 off the bronze.

The second competition of the day saw the u10s compete against some of the best boys in the country.

Owen finished 14th AA and narrowly missing out on 3rd place on Pbars by 0.3 marks and showed great composure throughout!

Will and Jeddy put in a strong 6 pieces and improved on there score from last year and placed 45th and 60th (out of 90 boys) and achieved scores of 67.10 and 64.9.

On Sunday it was JJ, Harvey & Mikie's turn to compete. As U12 & U14 FIG gymnasts they all put out some new routines and big skills.

In the U12 competitions,  JJ managed to score well on Rings, he finished his routine strongly with a huge double back full twist dismount.

In the U14 competition Michael, who was in his first year at this level, was rewarded with gold medals on floor & p-bars and a bronze on the high bar.  Harvey had a good competition and competed on all 6 pieces for the first time, looking very stylish on the floor and high bar. 

Great work from the gymnasts and coaches Callum and Jack