Miss Quatro - Jewel of The South 2017

Congratulations to all the girls who competed at the Jewel of the South Competition which was held in Pipers Vale from 3-5 March 2017.   As well as a lot of individual awards for apparatus, the gymnasts also did well with overall placings.

Regional Grades

Grade 2                    Tilly - 3rd            

Grade 4  10-11yrs     Chanelle - 11th          

Grade 5  10yrs         Emma - 1st             

Grade 5 9yrs            Anna - 7th     Caitlin - 9th  Paula -13th  Teah - 18th    Isabella - 19th          

Grade 6 age 9yrs     Lola - 2nd             

National Grades

Grade 3    Isla  - 5th            

Compulsory Grades

Grade 3     Millie  - 7th            


The FIG team of Erika, Maya, Heather came 7th