Implicit within the BG and MGC Child Protection Policy is the commitment to ensure all publications and media represent gymnasts and coaches / helpers appropriately and with due respect.

The Club has a policy for making sure photographs and recorded images of its gymnasts will not be misused. Therefore:

  • The use of mobile phones, cameras and other recording device within the training facility is strictly controlled for taking photographs and videos
  • Consent for the Club to use photographs or images (website and other media) of a gymnast and / or coach / helper / official is given on the Club Membership form
  • No personal information, other than the gymnasts first name and the Club will accompany the image
  • Images taken of gymnasts will not be modified, merged or manipulated in a way which might cause embarrassment or distress to the subject or cause the final image to be inappropriate.

The use of video equipment can be a valuable aid to coaching. MGC will:

  • Ensure that the performers and their parent/carer are aware of the purpose of the filming as a coaching aid. Consent for this is given on the Club Membership form
  • Ensure that one other responsible and approved adult is present to ensure that performers are protected against inappropriate filming
  • Ensure that video is stored securely to avoid inappropriate or unauthorised use.