The Club’s Communication Policy covers the use of communication devices and the manner in which our coaches can communicate with young people. We adhere to the BG Guideline for Social Networking Sites. This policy is also incorporated in all of our Codes of Conduct.

For Coaches & Gymnasts
Mobile phones should be not be used in the gym except in the case where a phone is used as a Club contact in emergencies and not for personal use.

  • It is unacceptable for adult members to communicate with gymnasts under the age of 18 years by
    text message
  • through internet chat rooms/social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter
  • e-mail.

All communication by the above methods should be through the parent

Subject to parental consent, coaches can communicate with young people over the age of 16 years but a copy of all correspondence must be sent to either the welfare officer or a senior official. Coaches must limit communication to training related issues.

However, if it necessary to make contact with 16 and 17 year old coaches via email or text then this must be done en masse. Communication as part of a club communication involving several adults and several children including the Club Welfare Officer is acceptable as it ceases to be personal.

Communication of a personal nature between a coach and a minor is unacceptable.

As technology develops, the internet and its range of services can be accessed through various devices including mobile phones, computers and game consoles. Although the internet has many positive uses, it provides the key method for the distribution of images of child abuse. In addition, networking sites and chatrooms have increasingly been used by people for the purpose of ‘grooming’ children and young people for abuse and by children as a means of bullying.

In the event of a gymnast showing a coach a text message, image or email that is considered to be inappropriate for a child to have, the coach must inform the appropriate Welfare Officer.

All staff, volunteers and members should always behave responsibly and respectfully when online or texting.

  • They should not post or discuss unfavourable comments about coaches, gymnasts, any helper or volunteer, parent or clubs
  • Coaches should not make contact or hold discussions with gymnasts via social networking sites or texting.

For Parents
If you need to contact us regarding your child’s gymnastics, please keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Text messaging should only be used in an emergency, for example where you are late on the way to a competition, your child is ill and cannot attend training or have raised a concern about your child’s health and well being at the start of the session
  • Text messaging should not be used in other circumstances, for example asking how your child is doing with their training. Any such matters should be addressed to child’s Coach or the Coach Manager by email/telephone call or in a meeting
  • Facebook messages to any of the coaches regarding training should not be used as a method of communication
  • Should you wish to discuss a matter direct with your child’s personal coach, we are happy to facilitate this through a message passed on to the Coach Manager, Club Administrator or Club Welfare Officer
  • Parents should not enter the gymnastics hall or wait at the door of the hall at the beginning or end of the session unless it is an emergency. The gymnasts shoud be able to pass on messages for themselves or pass on a note to their coach
  • You should not post or discuss unfavourable comments about coaches, gymnasts, any helper or volunteer, parent or clubs on an Social Media Sites.

Please remember that our Coaches work long hours and must have a separation between their work and personal lives so please make any contact at a reasonable time.

BG Guidelines on the use of Social Networking Sites 2012