Marriotts Gymnastics Club strives to ensure that children and vulnerable adults protected and safe from harm whilst participating in gymnastics classes. The British Gymnastics Safeguarding & Protecting Children Policy and Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Policy can be viewed on the British Gymnastics or Marriotts Gymnastics Club websites.

Marriotts Gymnastics Club endeavours to promote the highest standards of care for participants and willingly accept responsibility for:

  • A duty of care for all children and vulnerable adults whilst they are on the premises
  • Ensuring the Club has a “Children & Vulnerable Adults Protection and Welfare Officer”. This person is available as a confidential and accessible route for people to voice their concerns or allegations regarding issues of protection and welfare
  • Dealing with all issues of protection and welfare sensitively, swiftly and in confidence
  • Ensuring that grievances or complaints are dealt with promptly and in accordance with the grievance procedure
  • Ensuring that all coaches, members and parents are aware of the Codes of Conduct
  • Ensuring that coaches and officials hold valid training qualifications, and certification from the criminal records bureau indicating their suitability to work with children
  • Promoting the ongoing training and development of coaches both through the British Gymnastics Coaching Schemes, and in child protection training
  • Ensuring that the participants and parents are aware of the purposes of videoing, filming or photography during training or events
  • Having a zero tolerance level of poor practice, bullying or any other potential form of abuse.

Child Protection Policy Statement
This is to confirm that Marriotts Gymnastics Club has adopted the British Gymnastics Child Protection Policy 2014.
Sharon Doherty

View the British Gymnastics Safeguarding and Protecting Children Policies here:

BG Safeguarding & Protecting Children Policy 2014

BG SPC – Abuse & Poor Practice 2014

BG SPC Safe Environment 2014

Safe in Sport Leaflet

Anti-Bullying Policy

View the British Gymnastics Safeguarding Vulberable Adults Policy here:

BG Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Policy 2013