At Marriotts’ Gymnastics Club, we are lucky enough to have some of the best facilities for gymnastics in Hertfordshire and as a consequence almost all County competitions are held here.  You can find information on which competitions are running on our Calendar

This is fantastic for us as it means less travelling and the gymnasts are familiar with the gym and equipment. It does mean that we have some responsibilities as it is necessary for the gym to be prepared and clean and it we also provide refreshments for the judges and officials, many of whom are national or indeed international judges.

Cleaning and Preparation
In order to prepare the gym for a competition, help from parents is needed the day before to clean the glass, mirrors and floor and to put out seating for the visitors. Tables and chairs need to be provided for the judges and the trampolines need to be packed away. At the end of the competition, seating, tables and chairs and the trampolines need to be put away again.

Judges Refreshments
Marriotts are aksed by Hertfordshire Gymnastics Association to prepare the refreshments and lunches for the judges and officials.

The amount of work involved to provide these refreshments depends on how big the competition is, how many judges are involved and how long the competition will last. It usually consists of providing tea and coffee before the competition starts, lunch and afternoon tea.

Help is needed to set up the room for refreshments, to provide the tea and coffee and to prepare and cook the food. Help is also needed to clear away and do the dishes afterwards.

Your Support
Parents can help with all of this. If your child is competing, you could help with cleaning the day before or with lunches or clearing up on the day.

If you would prefer not to help on days that your child is competing so that you can watch, perhaps you could help at a different competition and someone else will do the same for you.

If all parents lend a hand, the work is easily manageable, but can be burdensome if left to just a few. Please try to allow some time on the day before a competition and on the day to give a hand.

Dates of competitions are always shown on the web-site.

If you would like any more information about helping at competitions, fundraising or joining the parents’ group to help organise social events, please contact Katrina Williams