Acrobatic Gymnastics Squad
Monday 5.30pm to 8pm 7yrs+
Thursday 5.30pm to 8pm 7yrs+
Saturday 3pm to 6pm 7yrs+

Acrobatics has been part of Marriotts Gymnastics for many years. Currently we have 15-20 gymnasts in the squad.

Gymnasts can achieve through Acrobatics because the grading system allows us to compete partnerships at levels which are appropriate to them, rather than having to keep up with expectations for their ages. There is an ‘In Age’ development programme which runs alongside the NDP (from Inter 4 & above) and partnerships can be placed into this development plan if selected.

In Sports Acrobatics there is a place for most Gymnasts. Sports Acrobatics involves Pairs & Trios (Floor routines to Music) as well as Tumbling and can involve both Boys and Girls. This is because the younger gymnasts (7 -13) perform as ‘TOPS’ and as they mature they can continue to compete as ‘MIDDLES’ or ‘BASES’ (11 -18). Many of our Acrobats begin as 7 year olds and stay until they are 18 or more.

We have a comprehensive development plan within our section; this includes the development of gymnastic skills, tumbling, flexibility. All this Basic Gymnastic development works alongside the coaching and training of pairs & groups.

Tumbling is a fairly new discipline to Marriotts; it is a power sport, fast and dynamic. Gymnasts perform a serious of flics and somersaults on a 25m-carbon fibre track. Many of our former Artistic gymnasts have tried their hand at the sport with the most amazing results.